If you’re a small business navigating the world of social media or digital marketing right now, you might be feeling burnt out on creating content. Being flooded with never ending content curated by others immediately puts you in a creative rut as soon as you open Canva. If this is you, blog writing might be your solution.

There’s many reasons blog writing might be beneficial, so let’s start with the big picture. As a business owner, you’ve likely reviewed your website traffic. We’re here to tell you, stop focusing solely on driving website traffic. In order for any website traffic to land you quality leads, you need to establish a relationship. You’ve nailed down your target audience, so how do you reach them, and how do you establish a relationship with them?

#1. Reach your target audience by answering the questions your target audience might be wondering. 

If you can’t come up with any questions, ask an outside party for help. 

#2. Use this opportunity to express your voice and create relatability. People want to connect with other people. 

#3. By providing people with free information and content, you establish your value, and can easily become an asset. Who doesn’t love free information?

#4. Keep past or current customers engaged. If a potential customer can see that you nurture relationships, they’re more likely to trust you long-term. 

#5. Convert blog engagement to newsletter subscribers. If people are reading your blog, create an opportunity for them to subscribe to a newsletter. Writing a weekly/monthly newsletter allows you to have control over how often a potential customer is seeing your name. 

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